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I am currently looking for a Music Artist to make some music for my upcoming game.

If you're interested in this, please send me a message.

I won't pay you, but you will get some fame if the game is popular enough!


2010-06-05 04:43:34 by EzraHen

Suggest Micro-Games for my upcoming game on this post!

(Yes, it's suppose to be a WarioWare knockoff)


Daily 3rd Place!!

2010-05-19 03:55:42 by EzraHen

My flash video "How Viruses Affect You!" got Daily Third Place!

I think I creamed my pants.

If you wanna see it, go here:

Thank you NG!

Daily 3rd Place!!

Hello Newgrounds

2010-05-01 07:08:20 by EzraHen

I am a, I guess kind of advanced animator. I'm not advanced with scripting or anything like that, just animating. I'm currently getting paid to do animations for people.